Wherever you are in your Art & Design career the future is a powerful and important presence in your life. Loaded with promise and pressure it challenges us to ask the question where are you heading and will you achieve it!

The Future Bound is a book of over 100 artists/designers/writers work who are prepared to look both into their future and that of the human race. Each individual is given the opportunity to create an A5 page that will be published by Sampson Low Ltd. Not only is this a celebration of vibrant artwork but helps each student from the Diploma in Art & Design - Foundation Studies develop an online presence for the future, whichever discipline they've chosen to specialise in. They will be working in conjunction with 4 artists from the  CollectConnect group -  Stuart Simler, Alban Low, Dean Reddick and Bryan Benge. As well as other lecturer/artists from the Foundation Staff, names to be announce soon.

On Wednesday 30th January, Bryan, Alban and Stuart will be at UCA Epsom to give a talk about their own practice and launch the project.
We have dissected the essay (below) from American sculptor David Smith and hope it will provide you with the inspiration to create a design, artwork or written piece for The Future Bound book.
Smith is writing about the type of work he would like to make and we'd like you to consider the question........What is Your Hope....

We'll discuss how to submit your work and how the project will develop when we visit but all the information is here so just follow the links and the instructions.
Submit - Obviously tells you how to send your work to us and all the artwork specifications.
The Book - Gives you information about what the book will look like, what to expect from it and how you will make money from it in the future.

The Question—What is Your Hope  
Original version, Smith notebook 28 (c. 1940s) final version c. 1950  

 I would like to make sculpture that would rise from
 water and tower in the air–
 that carried conviction and vision that had not
existed before
 that rose from a natural pool of clear water
to sandy shores with rocks and plants
that men could view as natural without reverence or awe
but to whom such things were natural because they were
statements of peaceful pursuit–and joined in the
phenomenon of life
Emerging from unpolluted water at which men could bathe
 and animals drink–that
 harboured fish and clams and all things natural to it
 I don’t want to repeat the accepted fact,
moralize or praise the past or sell a product
 I want sculpture to show the wonder of man, that flowing water,
 rocks, clouds, vegetation, have for the man in peace who
glories in existence
 this sculpture will not be the mystical abode
 of power of wealth of religion
Its existence will be its statement
It will not be a scorned ornament on a money changer’s temple
 or a house of fear
 It will not be a tower of elevators and plumbing with every
 room rented, deductions, taxes, allowing for depreciation
amortization yielding a percentage in dividends
It will say that in peace we have time
that a man has vision, has been fed, has worked
 it will not incite greed or war
That hands and minds and tools and material made a symbol
to the elevation of vision
It will not be a pyramid to hide a royal corpse from pillage
It has no roof to be supported by burdened maidens
It has no bells to beat the heads of sinners
or clap the traps of hypocrites, no benediction
 falls from its lights, no fears from its shadow
this vision cannot be of a single mind– a single concept,
it is a small tooth in the gear of man,
 it was the wish incision in a cave,
the devotion of a stone hewer at Memphis
the hope of a Congo hunter
 It may be a sculpture to hold in the
hand that will not seek to outdo by bulky grandeur
which to each man, one at a time, offers a marvel of
close communion, a symbol which answers to the holder’s vision,
correlates the forms of woman and nature, stimulates the
 recall sense of pleasurable emotion, that momentarily
rewards for the battle of being

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