The Future Bound Book will be published by Sampson Low Ltd

Future Bound will be their third artists book.
Their debut was the FreedBook which sold successfully and is now well into its second Print run.
The second is Patternotion, currently being compiled.

The book will be at least 148 pages.
Consisting of 144 pages of content from 140 artists and authors.
Colour Cover
Black and White inside pages.

The Future Bound -  ISBN will be 978-0-9534712-2-5

We will print 200 copies in the First Print/Edition.
Each artist will receive a copy for FREE.
The remaining 50 books will be sold for £7.99 each.

If we sell out of the First Print we will order a Second Edition.
Each artist will receive a share of the profits from then on.
For every full page an artist/author contributes they will be entitled to 0.25% of the book profits.

We will keep a running total on the Shares page.

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